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Our very own "Amazing Race" story!

The moment the Best man arrived just in time for the ceremony all the way from Canada!

Alex & Megan were married at beautiful Villa Botanica, in the Whitsundays, on 31st March. One important guest, the “Best man” Ryan, needed to travel from Canada, but had his flight cancelled. He was determined to make it to the wedding and therefore caught multiple flights, chartered a speed boat from Hamilton Island and then a taxi from Shute Harbour to the wedding. He arrived just before the bride was due to walk down the aisle and had a quick wardrobe change. Alex was thrilled he actually made it, gave him the rings and then they waited for Megan to make her stunning entrance down the aisle, and there was not a dry eye anywhere. Without doubt, one of my favourite parts of every wedding is watching the Groom lay eyes on his beautiful Bride for the first time, as she walks down the aisle. It is such a highly charged and emotional moment that I always feel privileged to witness. The Groom was overwhelmed and started a chain reaction of tears with everyone present. Such a gorgeous couple, surrounded by their closest family and friends, celebrating in style, in the Whitsundays. A couple of days later I received this lovely message from Megan & Alex: “Thank you, Deanna, for officiating our wedding!! You were so wonderful and we couldn’t have asked for a better person to perform our ceremony. See you in the next couple of years when we renew our vows! ”

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