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Antonio & Isabell’s story starts as a simple one.

Antonio & Isabell’s story starts as a simple one.

First a smile, then a coffee, followed by an amazing dinner on a stormy night. From there, Antonio and Isabell’s relationship blossomed.

They share their passions for food and wine, expensive shoes and driving fast cars. Their travels have led them to some beautiful parts of Australia, and even snorkeling overseas in the ocean off a remote Fiji island. But the best part of their adventures together is that they were falling in love and had started to view their lives together.

They did not want to go into the future without each other by their sides.

And after many beautiful dates, weekends away, concerts and black tie dinners, Tony finally found the courage to ask Isabell to marry him and become his wife and lifelong partner.

I was humbled to receive a thank you card and personalised gift from Isabell & Antonio. Each guest at their wedding received a personalised bespoke gift bag which was so thoughtful. Instead of going for photos straight after the ceremony, they mingled with their guests and organised games on the lawn which were a lot of fun. This couple are fantastic cooks and self-confessed ‘foodies’ and I knew a lot of care would have been taken in making sure their reception dinner was a culinary delight. I received this message from the couple which made my heart sing. “It was a great day and you made it so memorable. You have a special gift and you will always be in our wedding day memories”.

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