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Steve and Asha met when they were still wearing nappies

Steve and Asha met when they were still wearing nappies as their grandparents and mothers were best friends and they shared the same nationality – being Dutch.

As toddlers and young children, contact was limited as they resided so far apart from each other. But when Steve and Asha were made aware of an approaching catch up, their exhilaration and anxieties ran intensely through their bodies.

Little did they know; they felt all those strange feelings as a result of their infatuation for each other. Their mother’s called them “childhood love birds” which they really didn’t understand back then, but they knew they utterly enjoyed each other’s company.

It wasn’t until Steve was aged 16 and Asha was aged 14 that Steve built up the confidence to ask Asha to be boyfriend and girlfriend. During their relationship they shared the first of many things, but they eventually went on with their own lives separately, without any direct contact.

Without any surprise, over the years, both Steve and Asha admitted they both were extremely intrigued about the lives of one another. This led to many questions being directed to their mothers who still maintained a close friendship. Often they would come across old pictures when they were young and together, including the first time Steve kissed Asha on the cheek and many other fond memories. They often found themselves reminiscing, and reflecting…. they looked so perfect for each other.

It was approximately 10 years after their initial break, they had met again at Asha’s grandfather’s birthday party. It was on this day when Steve and Asha both felt and experienced the same exhilaration and anxiety running intensely through their bodies.

They had grown older, and separated by place and time, but their hearts never forgot. Time lead them back to each other. One look, one smile, no need for words. Their hearts spoke and their relationship rekindled.

For Steve and Asha, there was nothing more surreal in this world than marrying your childhood sweetheart. I felt very lucky to witness this special elopement and be a part of this beautiful love story.

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