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weddings, elopements, commitment ceremonies, reaffirmation of vows ceremonies

It will be such an honour to assist you with planning the ceremony of your dreams! I will be there every step of the way from providing the legal paperwork you will need to complete, material assisting couples planning to marry through to the ceremony and then lodging all the legal paperwork with the State Authority.
I will also be able to provide a ceremony guide that will assist you with any other fabulous ideas you have for your wedding ceremony. This material will include a variety of passages and poems and verses but we can also include your love journey so far with the story of how you both met and fell in love, what are the attributes you love most about each other, how and where you were engaged and your plans for the future together....but this is only the start!!
We work together to create a modern and moving ceremony – one that you and your guests will never forget.

A Commitment Ceremony is a declaration of love for their partner in life. The couple will make special promises to each other shared with the people that mean the most to them.

Couples are re-affirming their love in special and unique ceremonies more than ever!
Although already married and there is no legal paperwork to be completed, the re-affirmation of their wedding vows becomes an important moment in their love journey. The couple reflect on the vows they shared on their wedding day, but now wish to also re-affirm that love and also look forward to their goals and promises together as a married couple. I will provide you with a renewal of marriage vows certificate as your keepsake for this memorable day.

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